Openshift containerid Not registering with Node.js or Java apps
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Openshift containerid Not registering with Node.js or Java apps


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We are running Node.js and WebSphere Liberty on Openshift.  We are running an on-premise APM 10.7 environment.  Everything is running on RHEL 7.X.  In Team Center we see the ose.pod.containerid attribute for the Openshift Pods, but we do not see the containerid at the application level.

This is preventing us for getting the correlation between the Infrastructure and the Application Layers.

I can see that the Node.js agent is passing the containerid.  This log excerpt is from the Node.js Collector extension running in APMIA.

5/06/20 01:54:25 PM EDT [INFO] [IntroscopeAgent.ArfTransport] New tcp ARF command connection: {"op":"commandConn","probe":"nodejs","ver":"1.1.0","instid":"bcbsnc-api-2020050516-133-1-cv5vd-1","pgm":"PROJECT-bcbsnc-api--ps--develop-POD-bcbsnc-api-2020050516-133-1-cv5vd","prms":{"appName":"bcbsnc-api-2020050516-133-1-cv5vd","hostName":"Openshift-ps","containerId":"a7c3ca9a302a354cd1a027755c5baa46c33e4ad6b8f9c55472d221b03825ba1f"}}


Release : 10.7.0


ContainerID support for Node.js is not supported in 10.7 On-Premise.  To get the feature, use this latest SaaS version. There are no plans to implement it for 10.7 On-Premise.