Maintenance monitors are showing as red/green in PSP
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Maintenance monitors are showing as red/green in PSP


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CA App Synthetic Monitor DX Application Performance Management


We are setting a monitor under maintenance mode. After about one minute the monitor shows under maintenance on the monitor page.
Then we go to the public status page (PSP) and select the "preview" icon on the right side of the monitor/folder. 
There, on the PSP, it is still showing green. If the monitor is Red, then the PSP also shows Red.
The issue is that we are monitoring the monitors on the PSP. If we put a monitor under maintenance mode and then monitor goes critical (Red), then monitor on the public status page -> "preview" also goes critical (Red) and does not show that this monitor is under maintenance mode.


Release : SAAS

Component : ASM SAAS


The Public status pages (PSP) get updated with every check.
In case, where the monitor is in maintenance mode, the data is not sent to the PSP.
There is no hint about the monitor-in-maintenance status in PSP. PSPs are not intended as full replacement of monitoring. 
The status (red or green) changes after some time, which depends on the monitor’s check interval and service previous status. 
Currently this is working as designed.

We suggest to use our alerting system or use the API to do it yourselves but not rely on the PSPs only.
Engineering team will look into this as an enhancement in the future. If engineering team decide to add, there will be announcement about this.