MCS templates are Grayed out - After Upgrade
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MCS templates are Grayed out - After Upgrade


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


UIM 9.0.2 in Oracle I´m not able to make any change on the MCS template by the interface, is grayed out

This customer has two environments and both are the same. I create a lab 9.0.2 with Oracle database the same as my customer and also the same issue.
I was thinking about permission but I can create and delete the template but not able to edit.
I did use the restful interface and able to make changes on the xml, this means is no permission on the OS side.

I already applied the MCS 9.0.2 HF 6 same issue.

Raw configure on the mcs has the entry for the automated_deploy_engine.

I already delete the entire probe redeploy again same issue.

Any other advice on this Grayout MCS problem.

I already saw this article

I already did the call back for the base_acls.cfg


UIM 9.02
UMP 9.02HF1
MCS 9.0.2 HF 6


This was a problem with UMP 9.02HF1


Generally the mcs profiles and templates will be updated as part of the upgrade process after the actual upgrade installation has taken place. Due to varying configurations (number of devices, number of profiles) the amount of time that sources become available may take anything from an hour or two after the installation to the following day. The mon_config_service.log can be reviewed for progress of these operations

If still persists then apply UMP 9.0.2 HF2

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