Gen COBOL Inline Code EXEC CICS compile error IGYPS0228-S
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Gen COBOL Inline Code EXEC CICS compile error IGYPS0228-S


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Attempting to compile a Gen Action Block which contains an inline code statements for Cobol/CICS and receive a compiler error:
IGYPS0228-S   An "EXEC CICS" statement was found, but the "CICS" compiler option was not in effect.  The statement was discarded.


Release : 8.5 and 8.6

Component : CA Gen Host Encyclopedia Construction; CA Gen Toolset


When compiling Gen Action Diagram in Cobol with inline code and that code contains an 'EXEC CICS' statement, the error IGYPS0228-S is expected. That is because the 'EXEC CICS' statement is not allowed per  "Inline Code" section on page Gen™ 8.6 > Tutorial > Toolset Overview > Toolset Best Practices:

EXEC CICS: These types of statements do not work even if CICS is selected as the target environment for the application. The reason is that EXEC CICS code must be translated before it can be compiled and using either the separate CICS translator or the CICS-integrated translator modifies the application code in ways that require extra processing that is not handled by Gen application generation and installation.