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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


For how long does a server remain under Custom Metric Host (Virtual)? We usually put an alert on Connection status. As long as it is 1, then we are good. We have seen at times that the server gets removed altogether from this list. Please let us know after how much time it will be removed once its is disconnected status (e.g. 3).


SuperDomain|Custom Metric Host (Virtual)|Custom Metric Process (Virtual)|Custom Metric Agent (Virtual)|Agents|CL0A0027|UnknownProcess|AgentName:ConnectionStatus


Release : APM SAAS



These are calculator metrics provided out of box.  Most likely they grayed out and removed after some time, but it depends on EM version, some versions of EM we cannot see historical metrics immediately after disconnection.  After metadata improvements, it was fixed in later builds for the requests.

Graying out and disappearing is expected for all metrics in EM if they don't report metrics for sometime even in SaaS.  We will not give any time for gray out.

To the problem : We usually put an alert on Connection status

Alert status also has something called status “unknown”, which has a value of 4.  We can modify the alert condition based on our need (summary alert combining this alerts together or modify alert condition combining these two).

Alert value also reports as metrics under SuperDomain|Custom Metric Host| Customer Metric Agent| Alerts| MMName: AlertName with status as 1,2,3,4

if the server disappears from Custom Metric Process, the alert status change to Unknown (4).