APM - Query about "Custom Metric Host (Virtual)" in Metric View
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APM - Query about "Custom Metric Host (Virtual)" in Metric View


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


It looks like "Custom Metric Host (Virtual)" in Metric View is visible only when the Universe is selected as "Enterprise". However when I go to Universe in "Settings" I don't see this Enterprise Universe defined. How can i make "Custom Metric Host (Virtual)" available to any user within DXI ? 


Release : APM SAAS


ENTERPRISE universe is pre-defined and hard-coded, like SuperDomain. The agent matching rule is something like: "in universe X only show agents that are referenced by vertices in universe X". As hardly any vertex references Custom Metric Agent, it is not part of any universe but ENTERPRISE.

However, there is a "Show related agents" button in the top right in Metric View as almost any agent is related to the Custom Metric Agent.