JVM monitor for ZOSconnect STC
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JVM monitor for ZOSconnect STC


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Mainframe Application Tuner


Running ZOSconnect instance and setup a monitor and collect JVM data to see where the hotspots/most usage occurs.
When the monitor is invoked, it did not collect any JVM data.

Install for MAT was done with the JVM install for 64 BIT. Setup the directory and unzipped the members needed.  Running a supported config Java 8.

Is there a profile we need to setup to 'activate' or allow us to collect JVM data in the MAT monitor ?


Release : 12.0



We have support for variety of Java workload but we haven't certified MAT with ZOSconnect (It might fall under one of the supported scenario like JZOS, BPXBATCH, BPXBATSL). The way the Java monitoring works is a bit different that the normal monitors.

There are couple of things that needs to be done from the setup point of view and it depends from environment to environment. Because the collection is done by an agent, we need to modify the libpath or agent path to include the CA MAT JAVA AGENT. 

During Monitor criteria definition there is a Java Criteria specification, where you need to specify the classes that you are interested either as Inclusion or Exclusion list.

Based on the above, MAT will start to collect java activities.