Clarify hold data for PTF SO12697
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Clarify hold data for PTF SO12697


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Mainframe Application Tuner


Hold data for SO12697 says that step 8 of the MAT customization utility should be run after the apply of this PTF.

However step 8 can not be run without first running the prior steps.

We have applied PTF SO12185, but do not use PMA. Do we still need to run this customization? 

After completing step 8 in this customization to recreate the BACTUN in the UTRSAMP dataset are there any other steps that must be performed?


Release : 12.0



TRCUST keeps track of customized datasets in hlq.UTRCUST and any customized output in hlq.UTRSAMP, hlq.UTRPARM and may be hlq.UTRHELP(if you have customized help members). These datasets are not SMP/E managed, so it depends how you deleted your SMP/E environment. If you used CSM to delete the environment these datasets will be there and when you rebuild your environment the customized steps will be recognized, provided that you have used the same hlq. Check if you have these datasets, mostly in your run-time hlq, if you have make sure you started your TRCUST from hlq.CEESCLS0 and provided hlq as parm when prompted.

It could be that you are providing the wrong hlq after you executed the TRCUST, if you want me to look at your environment don't hesitate Rich or I can set up a webex for the three of us. Good luck!

ALSO while the above is true...this is what was specifically going on...

The only members I was expecting to see were TRTPROF and TRTSTAT, so I am assuming that the person that did the customization, had run the steps but then he decided he will rename them to @TRTPROF and @TRTSTAT. so I think you will be ok to rename TRTPROF and TRTSTAT(the new members added) to some name and return @TRTPROF and @TRTSTAT to  TRTPROF and TRTSTAT respectively