Override Inconsistent table definitions for DB2
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Override Inconsistent table definitions for DB2


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


While using generators to subset data, we are facing an issue – which I am sure is an extremely common issue and will be always there. Which is the table definition of a DB2 table is not matching in 2 environments.

The table definition in Target is - DISABLE_DOB_PIN CHARACTER 1 0 Y

The table definition in Source is - DISABLE_DOB_PIN CHARACTER 1 0 N 'N'          

As a result we are getting the following error in Publish job from Generators:

Publish T_USER                        SSO                            21 1 Inconsistent table definitions.  Please check the log file.

                                                            column DISABLE_DOB_PIN nullability in target doesn't match publish nullability


I want a way to override / ignore this issue in CA TDM. Can you please advise.

I had opened the same issue for an oracle table which was resolved by updating the application.properties with tdmweb.publish.switchOffPrecisionCheck=true, and restarting TDM Portal. 

But this is causing an issue for this DB2 table.


Can you please advise.


Release : 4.8

Component : CA Test Data Manager


Data issue.


Ran outside TDM and was able to get an error.  The insert was incorrectly run, when we log ...

Name: ADDRS_CHNG_FLAG, Type: 1, Value: NULL

it means to insert a NULL value NOT the 'NULL' string

After the data change on the query, then gave an -803 error. Found that there were multiple columns with Unique indexes defined on them which resulted in the -803.

After fixing the data, the job is now running fine.