The Cisco Flash Partitions View does not show the correct space values for some partitions
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The Cisco Flash Partitions View does not show the correct space values for some partitions


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CA Spectrum


When checking the ‘Cisco Flash Partition’ view on some devices the partition FreeSpace and TotalSpace values
  do not show correctly for all partitions.

Example: The values for flash-1 and flash are not matching what the device reports via the cli
Show flash-1:
Show flash:
Checking the Cisco-flash-mib values and the values appear to match the Cisco Flash Partitions Table
ciscoFlashPartitionName, OctetString , flash-1, OctetString , flash, OctetString , webui, OctetString , crashinfo, OctetString , crashinfo-1
ciscoFlashPartitionSize (Total Space), Gauge       , 4294967295, Gauge       , 4294967295, Gauge       , 3479302144, Gauge       , 1651314688, Gauge       , 1651507200
ciscoFlashPartitionFreeSpace, Gauge       , 4294967295, Gauge       , 4294967295, Gauge       , 3398037504, Gauge       , 1388212224, Gauge       , 1561329664
ciscoFlashPartitionFileCount, Gauge       , 86, Gauge       , 103, Gauge       , 18277, Gauge       , 340, Gauge       , 195


Release : 10.x

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER

Cisco 9300


The values are reported correctly in the Extended mib attributes which are of type 64bit counter



A defect has been raised to evaluate adding columns for ciscoFlashPartitionFreeSpaceExtended and ciscoFlashPartitionSizeExtended to the Cisco Flash Partitions view.

These can be manually added to the 'Cisco Flash Partition' View in OneClick

Steps to manually add the columns to the view:

Check the $SPECROOT/custom/topo/config/  folder, does the table-cisco-flash-partition-config.xml file exist?

       - IF NO 
            copy the file from $SPECROOT/tomcat/webapp/spectrum/WEB-INF/topo/config/   -TO-   $SPECROOT/custom/topo/config/

       - IF YES
           continue to the edit step below and edit the existing file under the custom directory so as to not affect any other modifications

Edit the $SPECROOT/custom/topo/config/table-cisco-flash-partition-config.xml

Add the following column information before the closing </column-list> Tag




Close and relaunch the OneClick console for the modification to take effect

Additional Information

The flash partition information is polled from the CISCO-FLASH-MIB on the device.