Migration from R91 to R11
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Migration from R91 to R11


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SymDump for CICS SymDump Batch


Can CA SymDump and CA InterTest Batch 9.1 and CA SymDump and CA InterTest CICS 11.0 coexist in the same LPAR?


Release : 11.0

Component : CA SymDump for CICS


Yes, CA SymDump and CA InterTest Batch 9.1 and CA SymDump and CA InterTest CICS 11.0, can coexist.

Starting with release 10.0 there is a new global options module CAVHCONF.
The parameter in this module which needs to be updated in this case is "PINT=" which is the product intent parameter.
If you would like to initially migrate two of the four products, for example CA InterTest and CA SymDump CICS 11.0, you will need to change PINT to PINT=(INTCICS,SYMCICS) and assemble and link the module.
This will only start InterTest and SymDump CICS when starting the product under CA Common services.
The CAS9 CAIRIM card for just starting InterTest and SymDump CICS 11.0 is
When executing the CAIRIM card above the CAVHINIT module loads the CAVHCONF into the system storage.

Then the CAVHCONF parameter PINT is checked to see which of the four products will be used. Since it’s set to (INTCICS,SYMCICS) only InterTest and SymDump CICS are started.

Then, when starting the CICS regions, and InterTest and SymDump are started, the products look for the CAVHCONF module in storage and if found InterTest and SymDump for CICS initialize. If CAVHCONF is not in storage InterTest and SymDump CICS will not initialize.

Please follow all the additional InterTest and SymDump CICS 11.0 installation instructions, like adding the libraries to the DFHRPL DD, etc. ( https://techdocs.broadcom.com/content/broadcom/techdocs/us/en/ca-mainframe-software/devops/ca-intertest-and-ca-symdump/11-0/configuring/configure-your-product-without-ca-csm/interfaces-and-compatibility/cics-interfaces-and-compatibility.html#concept.dita_05d93fd6a4361756e8d9401c7597ca3d07d240dd_UpdatetheCICSJCLandStartupParameters ).

CA SymDump and InterTest Batch 9.1 will just start and work as before.

Additional Information

Release 9.1 is EOS ( https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/product-content/status/announcement-documents/2016/ca-intertest-and-ca-symdump-release-9-1-end-of-service-announcement.html ).