APM: Unable to Start Data Importer Engine and Clarification on Post-Install Step Documentation For Oracle Environments
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APM: Unable to Start Data Importer Engine and Clarification on Post-Install Step Documentation For Oracle Environments


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CA IT Asset Manager CA IT Asset Manager Asset Portfolio Management CA Software Asset Manager (CA SAM) ASSET PORTFOLIO MGMT- SERVER


When manually starting the APM services, the Data Importer Engine Service Stops by itself suddenly.  This may occur when starting the Event Service right after the Data Importer Engine Service

The ITAMImportService.log may present with a message such as:

2020-05-13 12:30:57,613 UTC [ImportMgr] INFO  CA.Applications.DataImporterEngine.ImportServiceManager - ..Initializing Storage Manager Server [HTTP://APM-SERVER:99/SMService/Service.asmx] access for Import Service

2020-05-13 12:30:57,624 UTC [ImportMgr] ERROR CA.Applications.DataImporterEngine.ImportServiceManager - An error occurred while accessing the Storage Manager Server:{0}System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.
   at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
   at CA.Applications.DataImporterEngine.ImportServiceManager.IsSMServiceUp(String serviceUrl)

2020-05-13 12:30:57,624 UTC [ImportMgr] FATAL CA.Applications.DataImporterEngine.ImportServiceManager - Import Service aborted due to errors.  Review previous error messages for details.

Note:  the above contains log content that was turned on at Debug levels.

Accessing HTTP://APM-SERVER:99/SMService/Service.asmx directly on a web browser should show Web Services content, a list of methods available. 

Instead, it will show error 500 content stating:
"Only one <configSections> element allowed. It must be the first child element of the root <configuration> element."


Release : 17.3

Component : CA Asset Portfolio Management, Oracle backend database 


The post install steps specific to Oracle implementations were not followed correctly.  Instructions of interest are:



The requested code in the given documentation should be placed somewhere between the <configuration> tags in the associated web.config file but after the <configSections> tags.  In this case, <<INSTALL_DIR>>\ITAM\Storage Manager Service\web.config. 

The given error may present if the requested code is placed at the very top of the web.config file, immediately after the <configuration> tags and before <configSections>.

Incorrect placement of the suggested code block (placed before the <configSections> part of the web.config file at the start of the file):

Ideal placement of the code block, toward the end of the file:

One should review the placement of the code blocks across all of the config files mentioned in the post install steps:

<<INSTALL_DIR>>\ITAM\Storage Manager Service\web.config

 <<INSTALL_DIR>>\ITAM\WCF Service\web.config

<<INSTALL_DIR>>\ITAM\Import Processor\ImportProcessor.exe.config