Configuring JCLCHECK REST service to run without SSL
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Configuring JCLCHECK REST service to run without SSL


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JCLCheck Workload Automation


The JCLCheck Workload Automation REST API is distributed via JCLCheck PTF #SO15115. 

The configuration of the JCLCheck REST API requires the users to enable a secure TLS/HTTPS connection.  In some cases, the users might not want to use KeyStore but prefer to secure the connection using z/OS AT-TLS.  This Knowledge Base article provides an example of a jclcheck.yml configuration file to allow the JCLCheck REST service to start without SSL (i.e., bypass KeyStore).  JCLCheck REST service running without SSL would respond to requests via an http://... type of URL.  


Release : 12.0

Component : CA JCLCheck workload Automation
                      CA JCLCheck REST API (PTF SO15115)  


"jclcheck.yml" is a configuration file, and is required when starting up the JCLCheck REST server.     

    address:  ##.###.##.## 
    port: nnnn
        enabled: false
        keyAlias: server
        keyPassword: XXX
        keyStore: config/keystore.p12
        keyStorePassword: XXX
        keyStoreType: PKCS12
        trustStore: config/truststore.p12
        trustStorePassword: XXX
        trustStoreType: PKCS12

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