DUAS: Unix 6.10.31 Cannot stop node when Jobs are Running
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DUAS: Unix 6.10.31 Cannot stop node when Jobs are Running


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


On Dollar Universe 6.10.31 for Unix, in case a Job is running and the node is asked to stop or restart ( via unistop for example), the DQM process will refuse to stop until the  running Job and the succesive uxjobend / uxjobstatus processes have finished.

In regular circumnstances, this may take up to 15 minutes.

After the node is restarted, the Job Uproc Number will remain in Job Runs / Job Run History / Job Events displayed with Status Running.


OS: Unix / Linux
Product: Dollar Universe Application Server
Version: 6.10.31 ONLY


Side-effect of a modification included on version 6.10.31 for Unix only.


To remove the Job in status Running, a uxrazfic operation is necessary, please open a case with Support if necessary.
The Job Event status can be modified from Running to Completed or Aborted if necessary.

Due to the important impact of this Bug, we strongly suggest to upgrade as soon as possible the 6.10.31 Unix / Linux nodes to a Fix version displayed below.

Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version(s): 
Component: Application.Server
Dollar Universe 6.10.33 - Released 14th May 2020

Additional Information

Be in mind that UVMS, UVC, Reporter, DUX may continue on version 6.10.31 and only DUAS nodes for Unix on version 6.10.33
Windows / AS400 kits 6.10.31 are not affected by this problem.

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