APM DB Installation is failing with validateuser.exe error "Incorrect password for user"
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APM DB Installation is failing with validateuser.exe error "Incorrect password for user"


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I tried to install the APM Database multiple times as per the mentioned techdocs and KB articles but not able to resolve this issue. 

APM Database installation is failing with the following error:
Executing C:\Users\Server\AppData\Local\Temp\postgresql_installer_8f0985fd19\validateuser.exe "." "postgres" "****"
Script exit code: 1

Script output:
 Incorrect password for user 'Server\postgres'.

Script stderr:
 Program ended with an error exit code


Release : 10.7.0


Installation: Fresh Installation of APM
OS: Windows 2012 Server standard
OS level security: no security or password policy, UAC was disabled and using a local admin user


APM Installer uses unattended installer for Postgres and validateuser is one of the step to initiate the installation. So, I used the PostgreSQL installer to install the Postgres (which is available in database-installer folder available in the install folder at APM default installation path). Then I created a database cemdb and user admin manually while accessing the pgAdmin utility, then I create the database schema manually with batch file createschema.bat available in database-script in the install folder.  

Once all these things are done I performed APM Installation without a database and able to complete my APM Installation successfully.