Generate MISSING flags in code in External
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Generate MISSING flags in code in External


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In the Generation Properties of the External Action Block, there is the 'Generate MISSING flags in code' checkbox. If it is checked, the first 05 level highlighted in yellow is added to the generated code. How is this additional field used?

       01  INPUT-0001EV.

           03  SEARCH-0001ET.

             05  FROM-DATE-0001AS  PIC X(1).

             05  FROM-DATE-0001  PIC S9(8).

             05  FROM-DATE-0001XX  REDEFINES  FROM-DATE-0001  PIC X(8).


Release : 8.5

Component : CA Gen Generators


The 'AS'(05) variables are not needed for external AB's. There is nothing in those fields that are useful for EAB's and this is the reason why customers have the option to turn off the generation.