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reference case 31831290


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CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


When I go to Administration - Tenancy Management in IT Asset Manager the Tenancy Windows do not show any fields to set up tenancy.


Release : 17.x

Component : CA Asset Portfolio Management


Change the following settings in the browser under
Settings - Internet Options - Security - Custom Level

Disable: Use pop up blocker
Enable: Active scripting
Enable: Scripting of java applet

Close the browser, reopen it and retry.

If that does not resolve the issue take the following steps

Backup the al_process_account table in the MDB database.

Using the  APM 17.x installation media, locate the folder <drive>:\products\ITAM\Setups\EEM

Copy the EEM folder to a local drive (ex. C:\EEM)

From a command line, navigate to the EEM folder and run the .exe program with the following parameters:

AppLauncher.exe -ProductName=EEM -EEMParameter='-EEMBackend="EEMhostname",-EEMAdminPass="xxxx",-EEMUapmPassword="newvalue",-EEMCasmPassword="yyyy",-DatabaseType="SQL Server",-DBServer="DBhostname",-UserID="sa",-DBName="mdb",-Port="1433",-DBOwner="dbo",-DBPassword="zzzz",-MdbAdminPassword="uuuu",-BundleVersion="14.1"'

Please note that:

EEMAdminPass is the password for EiamAdmin
EEMUapmPassword is the new value for uapmadmin password
EEMCasmPassword is the password for casmadmin
MdbAdminPassword is the password for mdbadmin

Reset IIS and retest.