Researching and Submitting APM Customization Cases
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Researching and Submitting APM Customization Cases


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


Often, customers want to know, does APM have an extension to instrument application or language x. This is an approach to take to research the question and what to provide Support when opening such a case.


All supported APM Environments 


1) Determine if an extension exists :
- Search in Communities --
- Search on Support site --
- Search on Github --
2) When opening a case, please provide:
  - Name of application and language
   - Results of searching in #1 .
  - Documentation
    - Architecture/Overview
    - APIs
    - Third-Party integration
    - Customer application details
    - Expected metrics
    - Anything else that will help us understand how to instrument and expected metrics/dashboards. 

Additional Information

Official word on APM Support for customizations is
Create a custom tracer or engage Professional Services as needed.
You may also upload your autoprobe log to to build custom pbds.

Test with default Java and .Net application to gather more information.