AWA: Java Processes (Communication / Work) throwing memory dumps preceeded by a time critical call
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AWA: Java Processes (Communication / Work) throwing memory dumps preceeded by a time critical call


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When viewing the logs for an active Automic system, the Java processes (JCP / JWP) state memory dumps similar to:

20200508/112902.143 - 41     U00003524 UCUDB: ===> Time critical DB call!       OPC: 'SLCT' time: '4623ms'
20200508/112902.145 - 41     U00029131 UCUDB - List of bind parameters:
20200508/112902.146 - 41     U00009907 Memory dump '(BINDPAR:  1)' (Address='n/a', Length='000004')
20200508/112902.147 - 41               00000000  00818081                             >....<
20200508/112902.148 - 41                                             >8487041<


Release : 12.3



As designed


While stating memory dump, these are simply the bind parameters for a time critical SQL call. At the bottom of the memory dumps, there will be a SQL statement (this is just an example, the exact statement will be different):

20200508/112903.249 - 41     U00003525 UCUDB: ===> 'WITH   changedObjects (oh_idnr, lev, ofs_moddate) AS (SELECT DISTINCT ofs_oh_idnr_o, 0 AS lev, ofs_moddate FROM ofs WHERE OFS_OH_Idnr_F <> OFS_OH_Idnr_O AND OFS_OH_Idnr_F IN (?) UNION ALL SELECT f.ofs_oh_idnr_o, lev + 1, o.ofs_moddate FROM ofs f, changedObjects o WHERE f.OFS_OH_Idnr_F <> f.OFS_OH_Idnr_O and o.oh_idnr = f.ofs_oh_idnr_f) SELECT changedObjects.oh_idnr, oh_client, max(ofs_moddate) AS oh_moddate, oh_otype FROM changedObjects INNER JOIN oh on changedObjects.oh_idnr = oh.oh_idnr GROUP BY changedObjects.oh_idnr, oh_client, oh_otype'

20201216/151340.118 - 25184  U00003525 UCUDB: ===> 'select EH.EH_AH_Idnr, EH.EH_ERTEnd, EJPP.EJPP_Object, EJPP.EJPP_OType, EJPP.EJPP_Lnr,  EJPPA.EJPPA_PreLnr,  EH.EH_Ert, EH.EH_Runtime, EH.EH_StartTime, EH.EH_EndTime, EJPP.EJPP_JobStatus, EJPP.EJPP_AH_Idnr, EH.EH_LoopIteration, EJPPF.EJPPF_LoopCount, EJPPF.EJPPF_LoopIterator, EJPP.EJPP_SubType, EH.EH_ActivationTime, EJPP.EJPP_ErlstStTime, EJPP.EJPP_ErlstStTimeTZ from EJPP left join EJPPA on EJPP.EJPP_AH_IDNR = EJPPA.EJPPA_AH_Idnr and EJPP.EJPP_LNR = EJPPA.EJPPA_EJPP_LNR left join EH on EH.EH_ParentPrc = EJPP.EJPP_AH_Idnr and EH.EH_EJPP_Lnr = EJPP.EJPP_Lnr left join EJPPF on EH.EH_AH_Idnr = EJPPF.EJPPF_AH_Idnr where (EJPPA_Status != 1923 or EJPPA_Status is null) and (EJPP.EJPP_AH_Idnr in (select distinct EH.EH_ParentPrc from EH where EH.EH_TopNr = (select EH.EH_TopNr from EH where EH.EH_AH_Idnr=?)and EH.EH_TopNr != 0)or EJPP.EJPP_AH_Idnr in (select distinct EH.EH_ParentPrc from EH where EH.EH_TopNr = ?))union select EH.EH_AH_Idnr, EH.EH_ERTEnd, EH.EH_Name, EH.EH_OType, EH.EH_EJPP_Lnr,  EJPPA.EJPPA_PreLnr, EH.EH_Ert, EH.EH_Runtime, EH.EH_StartTime, EH.EH_EndTime, EH.EH_Status, EH.EH_ParentHir, EH.EH_LoopIteration, EJPPF.EJPPF_LoopCount, EJPPF.EJPPF_LoopIterator, EH.EH_SubType, EH.EH_ActivationTime,null as EJPP_ErlstStTime, null as EJPP_ErlstStTimeTZ from EH left outer join EJPPA on EH.EH_ParentHir = EJPPA.EJPPA_AH_Idnr and EH.EH_EJPP_Lnr = EJPPA.EJPPA_EJPP_Lnr left outer join EJPPF on EH.EH_AH_Idnr = EJPPF.EJPPF_AH_Idnr where EH.EH_AH_Idnr = ?'
20201216/151340.121 - 25184  U00003434 Server routine  'ErtEstimationResource$$Lambda$194/1890641059/rest-transaction' required '0' minutes and '6' seconds for processing.

The ?'s listed in the statement will correspond to the values listed in the memory dump to allow the SQL to be regenerated and tested.