Rally - Errors when using RallyRestToolkitForPython
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Rally - Errors when using RallyRestToolkitForPython


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally)


When using https://github.com/RallyTools/RallyRestToolkitForPython (aka Pyral) to run API requests errors may be seen in the logs

This is not a supported app. 

The use of this package is on an as-is basis and there is no official support offered by CA Technologies. The author of this module periodically checks the GitHub repository issues for this package in the interests of providing defect fixes and small feature enhancements as time permits, but is not obligated to respond or take action. Posts to Stack Overflow (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/ask?tags=rally) are another avenue to engage others who have some exposure to pyral and might be able to offer useful information.

Examples of errors:

was not JSON content or was an invalidly formed/incomplete JSON structure"
"object has no attribute status_code"
"object has no attribute _servable"


Please review the following questions and review the parameters being set.

is the full set actually required or will a subset be sufficient?
                        has the set of fields retrieved been minimized (not fetch=True)?
                        altering the pagesize to be smaller than the default (try 100)