API Runscope- Need monthly report of all the failure tests
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API Runscope- Need monthly report of all the failure tests


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I need a monthly report of all the failure tests for all the buckets that are part of ABCZone APIs Team starting from 2020. I only need the failure count by Test in this format.

Month | Bucket Name | Test Name | Failure Count


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To retrieve monthly reports:  You would need to use test results endpoint to pull back results. You would have to write your own script to do that,  but that is limited by retention, so you may or may not be able to go back historically and get all the data

Each Runscope API test retains a limited amount of history:

The full step (HTTP request/response) details are stored for the last 100 successes and the last 100 failures.
Test result summary information (pass/fail, no step details) is stored for the last 1000 test runs.


In the future, you could do something like - https://blog.runscope.com/posts/storing-api-test-results-database-eventn-runscope (though this service is not available still)

Storing API Test Results to a Database with Events and Runscope — Runscope Blog
A common requirement for Runscope users is to save and analyze test results for alerting , building custom dashboards , and other analytical purposes. One way to do that is to pipe all your test results to an Amazon S3 bucket.