Cross-sysplex PDS/E support with CA MIM
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Cross-sysplex PDS/E support with CA MIM


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We are running CA MIM R12.5 on three MONOPLEX LPARS which share PDS libraries containing classic COBOL V4 load modules.

There is a need to convert from PDS to PDS/E format.  Unfortunately IBM doesn't support the propagation of PDS/E updates across sysplex boundaries.

IBM suggests having a duplicate copy of each PDS/E in each sysplex.

When a PDS/E is updated in one plex, we have to manually propagate the updates to the other plexes via XMIT or FTP.

Question: Does MIM provide any support for the propagation of PDS/E updates across sysplex boundaries?


Release : 12.5

Component : MIM


CA MIM does not provide any means of automating the PDSE update process. MIM's only job is to propagate the SYSZIGW0/SYSZIGW1 enqs from one monoplex to the other.

  • does not support sharing of PDSE's across sysplex boundaries.
  • allows the sharing of PDSE's as long as the systems are all MONOPLEX, and GDIF is managing SYSZIGW0/SYSZIGW1 and also PDSESHARING=NORMAL.
  • does not have any special handling of PDSE's. MIM only propagates ENQs, and on a monoplex system MIM will propagate PDSE ENQs, thus providing protection.

Additional Information

Refer to CA MIM documentation for PDSE Resource Sharing