Unable to acquire printer
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Unable to acquire printer


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Attempting to define a new printer to CA-Spool.  While PINGing the printer in question is successful, CA Spool is unable to successfully connect and receive the following messages:

File   8977 on printer Rnnn     - Unable to connect to foreign host. EDC8127I Connection timed out.  
ESF913  File   8977 on printer Rnnn     - Session request timed out  
ESF926  Printer Rnnn     edrained   

TCPTRACE shows the following messages:

Socket 0 Bind port 9100 from port 722          
Socket 0 Connect to port 9100 from port 722            
Connect errno=1103. EDC8103I Operation now in progress.


Release : 12.0

Component : CA Spool


This printer was defined with TCPDRIV=DSO. It seems Direct Sockets were not enable at print server embedded in this printer.
Using TCPDRIV=LPR can be an option.

Wrong TCPHOST can cause similar symptoms.