How to determine if Admin User is a Collaboration Manager
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How to determine if Admin User is a Collaboration Manager


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Clarity PPM SaaS


In preparation for the migration to Google SaaS we want to see if any Admin User is a Collaboration Manager as these will need to be updated.


Release : 15.7.1



Go to:

Reports > Administration > User Access Rights Details Filter for the right 'Project - Discussion Manager (Auto)'

This will return a report for everyone that is designated as a Collaboration manager It will show the project details so you can go look into the project. If a person is just a participant, but not a collaboration manager, they will have a different right 'Project - Participant (Auto)' instead of the discussion manager right. If you then promote the participant to a collaboration manager, they will now have the discussion manager right. This type of change does not require running the DWH job to see the changes in access rights. However, other changes to the resource such as using OBS associations for filtering in the report would require the DWH job to run.

Additional Information

In preparation for move to Google Cloud it is important to understand that the admin user will no longer be able to log into Clarity.  

If you provide a valid email for the user, emails can still be sent/received.

The admin user can still be used for scheduled jobs as well as in processes however that user will not be able to log in.