DevTest VSE start up failure/issues with jboss-client.jar placed in hotDeploy folder.
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DevTest VSE start up failure/issues with jboss-client.jar placed in hotDeploy folder.


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Creating a JBoss test case that works only if JBoss 7.1.4 client JAR jboss-client.jar is used.
When this JAR is added to the hotDeploy folder, able to create and run the desired EJB test case but on that machine VSE does not start properly.

A "Enterprise JavaBean" Test Case has to be created for some performance test. As DevTest does not support JBoss 7 by default, in order to achieve the desired functionality, some additions have to be made to J2ee servers.xml. To make sure that the version of the JBoss Client fits to that of the JBoss Server, the client "jboss-client.jar" is copied into the HotDeploy folder, together with the files needed for the test case according to the EAR file.

When running thru the dialogue for the creation of the test case it is possible to access  the JavaBean methods of the JBoss srver. Up to here everything works as designed.


If one likes to use the Service Virtualization, this does not work.
Because of copying "jboss-client.jar" into the hotDeploy folder the VSE does not start anymore.

So we currently can use only one thing: 
* Either Service Virtualization (w/o "jboss-client.jar"  in the HotPlay), 
* or performance tests/heavy load tests (with "jboss-client.jar"  in the HotPlay), 

How can we perform both in the same installation/machine?

- DevTest Service Virtualization 10.6
- JBoss 7 JBoss 7.1.4 Client JAR jboss-client.jar
- Windows OS


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Apparently the JBoss-client jar file has some missing dependencies and causing this issue.


Follow the procedure below to use the jboss-client jar file. The idea is to use a project specific hot-deploy folder.

1. Create a hot_deploy folder under Data folder of the project in workstation

2. Remove the jboss-client jar file from LISA_HOME/hotdeploy folder to the project hot_deploy folder (see pic below)

3. Place client side EJB jars also in the project hot_deploy folder

4. Add a property to the project config file that points to the hot_deploy folder (see pic)

5. After making these changes, logout of workstation and restart all devtest components

6. LAunch workstation and check if your EJB test steps work fine and also the VSE services are listed in portal

NOTE: The .cache folder is a temporary folder created by DevTest. Please dont touch it.