TDM Find and Reserve search issues for DB2 database
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TDM Find and Reserve search issues for DB2 database


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We have a requirement to build a find and Reserve form on DB2 on Zos. Below are the issues we see. 

1. Delay in Data prefetch 
2. Search is case sensitive ( This is not the case for SQL server ) 
3. Is the data result distinct?

Question 1.  
Find and Reserve forms were built on DB2/ZoS platforms,  Dev and support advised to built Standard Models instead of the legacy Model as some data types are not supported. 
They want to do the Data Prefetch
They created the Data model without the   off (no data synchronization)  as they do not have to flexibility to create the additional source Database Tables
For the  two different type of Data Prefetches,  when they choose Periodic - data is not getting refreshed,  ( default refresh is 2 hours)  and they dont see that happening
When they choose  OnDemand-> Fetch Data,  Data Fetch is not happening.
Their  Data Prefetch tables are defined in SQL Server
But Data Source is in DB2.  
From the documentation,  we say  Data Prefetch is supported for MS SQL and Oracle databases
I am trying to understand,   Will their reservation work end to end when they don't do the Prefetch for DB2? 
OR  What options should they select  for it work ? 

Question 2.  Find and Reserve Search for DB2- is it case sensitive? 


I saw in an older ticket that this is not possible. There are not any options to disable case sensitivity. This would need to be submitted as an Enhancement Request so Product Management can research to see if the request is possible and feasible. 

3. Distinct Results for Find Data 
if you have the following data in the Database
1  23  3  4
1 24  3   4  
In the Find n Reserve form, If I fetch the data for   1, 3, 4 ,   Does these become row level duplicates in Find and reserve ?  or is the result set distinct ? 


Release : 4.9

Component : CA Test Data Manager


Question1:. Data Prefetch is supported for MS SQL and Oracle databases -  means , these are the supported database where caching is performed. The source database can be db2.  So in your scenario you are good.  As you are using DB2 as the source Database  and  SQL is used for caching.  

Question2: Yes it is case-sensitive. Might be possible to disable it with enhancement.

Question3: Data is reserved back on the driving table NOT related tables. Therefore, they could end up with duplicate rows being reserved if there is a one to many relationships between driving table and related one