CA View - Report not archiving
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CA View - Report not archiving


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In a client process, one of the batch jobs that gets submitted is not routing as expected.
The report remains in the JES output queue. 


Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


As View does not change anything regarding a report it collects, and as the client's SARINIT parameters did not suggest any kind of report alternative processing, then if a report that is supposed to be collected by View is not, then it is because something happened to the report prior to it being available for collection by View.

View polls the JES spool and inquires (via the SARINIT CLSL/DEST/FORM criteria) for work from the spool.
It will only collect what matches the criteria.

If no CA Deliver is involved, and if a report was expected to be collected by View and was not, it would be because it was not made available to View.


In this instance, the client investigated having an NJE ROUTE command move the report to View, based on the fact that it it is cancelled before submission and tests an exit.