Hub - How Origin works? (Unified Infrastructure Management)
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Hub - How Origin works? (Unified Infrastructure Management)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Hub - How Origin works?


Any UIM version


Origins are designed as a method to logically segregate devices based on their source.

In a default installation, an origin is established at the hub level and is actually the name of the hub.

When a robot starts up, the controller queries the hub for the origin it should apply to outgoing PDS messages.

Origins exist primary for MSP segregation of devices. It is commonly known that MSPs monitor networks for their customers. There is no guarantee that the customers will have unique IP numbering schemes, so it's highly possible that might exist for customer ABC and might exist for customer XYX. Therefore, we use origin as an additional identifier to define those devices as being separate so they are not correlated into a single device.

With origins properly defined, an MSP is able to define customer accounts that are restricted to particular origins so they only see devices that pertain to that customer.


You are able to define a custom origin on the hub that will be inherited by a downstream controller.

You are also able to override the hub's predefined origin on the controller level.