Timesheet instead of Approved shows in Submitted status?
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Timesheet instead of Approved shows in Submitted status?


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We have a user saying that he has approved the timesheet, however when we check the same in the system it shows as submitted. We have also reviewed the prtimesheet table and the prapprovedby is null showing it was not approved. 


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Consider the following questions:

1. Did the user approve from Classic or New UX?
2. Do you have a process for timesheets or just manual approval
3. If you look in PRTIMESHEET table can you see the last updated date and user who modified the timesheet?
4. Can you see in PRTIMESHEET if prapprovedby is reflecting the manager that approved it?

Generally the status will not go from Approved to Submitted, so if a timesheet is Submitted, this would mean that it did not get Approved. Could be due to performance issue or similar. 

Usually the reason is that the update did not go through. So it was not Approved.

If you have the timesheet id and resource id you could try looking in the access logs for any connection error. 
The suggestion to this user would be to just make sure they refresh the page and see the timesheet as Approved in the list before navigating away.