Db2 probe ts_status and app_usr_cpu_time threshold explained.
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Db2 probe ts_status and app_usr_cpu_time threshold explained.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Based on the documentation it is not clear how these two checkpoints work for alarms:
  • ts_status 
  • app_user_cpu_time
This document provides an explanation. 


Release : 8.x, 9.x, 20.x

Component : UIM - DB2


For the checkpoints ts_status

Below are the state and Hexadecimal and Decimal value used by checkPoint ts_status 

The threshold value will be the decimal value of the State.

The condition is IN, so that in one threshold it can accommodate different states of all the database.


1> For the state OFFLINE threshold value = 16384, When the state will be OFFLINE for any database it will generate the alarm.

2> If a user has to check state like QUIESCED_SHARE(1), QUIESCED_EXCLUSIVE(4), LOAD_PENDING(8), then threshold value = sum of decimal value of state
   In this case threshold value = 13(1+4+8)  
   In the above case IN condition is useful that in one threshold definition all the conditions(QUIESCED_SHARE, QUIESCED_EXCLUSIVE, LOAD_PENDING) is been be checked.



For the app_user_cpu_time



For the checkpoint app_user_cpu_time QoS value is obtained vai a calculation for threshold value.


usr_cpu_time = app_seconds_agent_user_cpu + (app_microsec_agent_user_cpu / 1000000.0);

Here the usr_cpu_time value will be used for alarm generation. 


This query can be used to obtain the value, it is from the below referenced KB doc. 
"select appl_name, appl_id, agent_usr_cpu_time_s as seconds_agent_user_cpu, agent_usr_cpu_time_ms as microsec_agent_user_cpu from sysibmadm.snapappl inner join sysibmadm.snapappl_info on sysibmadm.snapappl_info.agent_id = sysibmadm.snapappl.agent_id"

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