Snmpcollector - interfaces - Difference between operstatus and adminstatus
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Snmpcollector - interfaces - Difference between operstatus and adminstatus


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM)


Which metric we can use to check the interfaces if is not available?

What is the difference between operstatus and adminstatus?


Release : Any supported UIM release



Admin Status - Below are the possible values:
Up - Interface is up
Down - Interface is down
Testing - No operational packets can be passed

Operational Status - Current operational status of the interface. Possible values are as follows:

1. Up - Ready to pass packets (if admin status is changed to up, then operational status should change to up if the interface is ready to transmit and receive network traffic)
2. Down - If admin status is down, then operational status should be down
3. Testing - In test mode, no operational packets can be passed
4. Unknown-Status - can not be determined for some reason
5. Dormant-Interface - is waiting for external actions
6. NotPresent-Some - component is missing, typically hardware
7. LowerLayerDown - Down due to state of lower layer interface

The condition field will be set based on the alarm severity
Critical --> Critical
Major --> Major
Minor --> Minor

If there are multiple alarms including Minor, Major and Critical, highest severity will be set as condition.
Example: There are two alarms, one Major and one Critical, then condition will be Critical.