Checkpoint devices modeling as GnSNMPDev in Spectrum 10.4.X/20.X
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Checkpoint devices modeling as GnSNMPDev in Spectrum 10.4.X/20.X


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


The following Checkpoint devices are modeling as GnSNMPDev in Spectrum 10.4.X/20.X:

Device Type System Object ID
Checkpoint UTM 1450
Checkpoint UTM 11050
Checkpoint UTM 12050
Checkpoint UTM 1130
Checkpoint UTM 1270
Checkpoint UTM 1570
Checkpoint UTM 11070
Checkpoint UTM 12070
Checkpoint UTM 13070
Checkpoint Power 111000
Checkpoint Smart 15
Checkpoint Smart 125
Checkpoint Smart 150
Checkpoint Smart 1150
Checkpoint IP 150
Checkpoint IP 280
Checkpoint IP 290
Checkpoint IP 390
Checkpoint IP 560
Checkpoint IP 690
Checkpoint IP 1280
Checkpoint IP 2450
CheckPoint UNIVERGEUnifiedWall 1000
Checkpoint UNIVERGEUnifiedWall 2000
Checkpoint UNIVERGEUnifiedWall 4000
Checkpoint UNIVERGEUnifiedWall 100
Checkpoint DLP 19571
Checkpoint DLP 12571
Checkpoint IPS 12076
Checkpoint IPS 15076
Checkpoint IPS 19076
Checkpoint 2200
Checkpoint 4200
Checkpoint 4400
Checkpoint 4600
Checkpoint TE 250
Checkpoint 12200
Checkpoint 12400
Checkpoint 12600
Checkpoint TE 1000
Checkpoint 21600
Checkpoint 21700
Checkpoint VMware
Checkpoint Smart 1205
Checkpoint Smart 1210
Checkpoint Smart 1225
Checkpoint Smart 13050
Checkpoint Smart 13150
Checkpoint 13800
Checkpoint TE 250X
Checkpoint TE 1000X
Checkpoint TE 2000X
Checkpoint TE 100X
Checkpoint 23800
Checkpoint 15600
Checkpoint 3200
Checkpoint 5200
Checkpoint 5400
Checkpoint 5600
Checkpoint 5800
Checkpoint 5900
Checkpoint 3100
Checkpoint 5100
Checkpoint Smart 1405
Checkpoint Smart 1410
Checkpoint Smart 5050
Checkpoint Smart 525
Checkpoint Smart 5150
Checkpoint 23900
Checkpoint 6500
Checkpoint 6800
Checkpoint 61000
Checkpoint 64000
Checkpoint 41000
Checkpoint 44000


Release : Spectrum 20.x/10.4.x

Component : Spectrum Discovery/Modeling


These devices are not certified in Spectrum 10.4.X/20.X


These devices are certified in Spectrum 21.2.1.

Additional Information

Self certify these devices to use the CheckpointFirewall model type for 10.4.X/20.X

1. Log into OneClick as an ADMIN user

2. Select Tools -> Utilities -> Device Certification from the top level menu

3. If the device has been modeled in the database as GnSNMPDev, filter for the sysObjectID, select from the list and click on the Edit button. If not, Add button to add new.

4. Click on the Browse button next to the Model Type Name field

5. Filter for and select the CheckpointFirewall model type

6. Click on the OK button

7. Follow steps 3-7 for other sysObjectID values

8. Click on the Save button and exit the Device Certification

9. You will need to destroy the current GnSNMPDev model and remodel which should now use the CheckpointFirewall model type

Please reference the "Self-Certification" section of the documentation for more information.

Please use the "Spectrum Certification Web Site" to check if a device is supported out of the box in Spectrum.