SAM: Changing the DB user password in SAM
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SAM: Changing the DB user password in SAM


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This article discusses the best approach to changing the DB Password that is used in CA SAM.

Please perform this change during a low time of production and during a maintenance window.


Release : 4.1 and higher



To change the DB Password:

  1. Determine what the new user password will be with the DBA or your Admin team BEFORE making the change in the DBMS.

  2. Login to CA SAM as an admin user.  

  3. Navigate to Admin -> Maintenance -> Tools.  Choose the "Encrypt Password" link in the "Helper" window frame.

  4. Enter the new password that was decided between yourself and the DBA/Admin Team.  Click Encrypt.

  5. You will see the password of interest in an encrypted format.  Highlight and copy the encrypted password text.

  6. In the DB Server, change the SAM user password to the new password that had been decided with the DBA or Admin Team's involvement.

  7. On the SAM Server, navigate to the SAM install directory and backup/edit the config.ini.  File would be located under C:\Program Files\CA\Sam\app\includes\prod\st (assumes C:\Program Files\CA\Sam is the SAM install directory).

  8. In the config.ini, change the parameter for "password" to the encrypted password that had been established in Step 5.  Save the config.ini file when done.

    Note:  make sure the user field is same DB user whose password was changed in the DB Server.

  9. Access the SAM Server web interface, ie:  http://SAMServer/prod/index.php and login as an admin user.

    Note:  If the DB password is incorrect in the config.ini, the SAM URL access will result in being prompted to create a new database as well as DB connection errors.  You will not receive a prompt to login to SAM.

Additional Information

Recommended step after changing the DB password:  Run Check Installation after logging in as an admin user (Admin -> Maintenance -> Check Installation) to make sure the install is working after the DB password change.