Can fetchmsg probe monitor different msgqueues in iseries robots?
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Can fetchmsg probe monitor different msgqueues in iseries robots?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have got a requirement to monitor a different message queue other than the QSYSOPR. When i take a look at the probe GUI, I can see qsysopr or predefined. I don't know what predefined means but, below are the 2 messages we got requested to monitor. If fetchmsg can monitor other msgq can you please let me know how to configure the same.

fetchmsg - 1.52 version
robot - 5.71 version








Release : 9.1.0

Component : fetchmsg


Yes, the fetchmsg probe can monitor different message queues in iSeries robots.

Add Queues in Predefined Set

By default, the Predefined Set of queues allows you to monitor qSysMsg or qSysOpr, or both.

You can also add more queues for monitoring.

To do so, please follow these steps:

Open 'Raw Configure' for the fetchmsg probe. 

Navigate to setup > queues.

Click Add Section.

Specify the queue name for the section.

Click Add.

The section is created as a child node under the queues node.

Select the created node.

Add the following two keys to the node and specify their values (case is important):


You'll have to ask your AS400/iSeries administrator for the name and lib values.

Click Apply to save the changes to the Predefined Set.

iSeries/AS400 queue names and libs

Looks like in your particular case the name and lib of the message queue is:

   name-> EMBACKUP
   lib-> QGPL

Here is an example of another queue (UKF) and its associated lib name (QSYS):

Note, please download and deploy the latest iseries_robot_update v5.76.