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Receiving a B37-04 error abend for ddname PRUWF2 when running the Prefix Resolution&Update Utility (PRU) with Logical Related Databases.


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When executing PRU a B37-04 abend is being issued for DDNAME PRUWF2:

IEC030I B37-04,IFG0554A,jobname,stepname,PRUWF2,VIO , ,dsname

What is DD PRUWF2 and how do we resolve this B37 failure?


The PRUWF2 file is a temporary work file allocated by PRU when we are not using a Dataspace. The file space allocation is based on the size of the SORTIN/DFSURWF1 input file.

In the job control cards SMDSPACE=NO is specified.

To resolve this error you have two options:

  1. Use a Dataspace by either specifying SMDSPACE=YES or by allowing PRU to default to SMDSPACE=YES by removing SMDSPACE=NO.

  2. Hard-code a PRUWF2 DD in the JCL (see sample JCL member JCLPRU5).

Sample PRU JCL is provided in the highlevel.CIMTSAMP library. Members JCLPRU1-5 provide examples of using a DATASPACE and alternatively using a PRUWF2 DD; either by hard-coding in the JCL or through dynamic allocation.


Component: DBO