Catalog Service Offering permission information
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Catalog Service Offering permission information


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CA Service Catalog


How is Service and Service Option permission Group mapping information stored? Can this be reviewed in the back-end for reporting, etc?


Release : 17.2



All Service Offering and Service Option permission information is stored within EEM's internal store, rather than the MDB database. While we don't have any "official" way to gather this information, when using the Service Catalog User Interface to go to  Administration > Tools > Import / Export Utility page to export all the offerings of a BU to XML, the option is present to Include Permissions in that export.

Then, in the raw XML, those permissions will be readable in an editor, within the <offering_acl> section for Service Offerings and <rate_acl> section for Service Options.

So Offering definitions that do have permissions assigned will have that section, ones that are assigned to all will not. You could then find them for searching for entries that go straight from the featuredIn section to the rate_plan one, i.e. the string


For notepad++, the Extended Search mode needs the carriage return between the featuredIn and rate_plan lines to be replaced with \r\n to work. So in order to find offerings with no permissions I successfully set my search to the following, without the surrounding quotes:

"        </featuredIn>\r\n        <rate_plan>"

Upon finding an instance, you can then scroll up about 28 lines to find the section of the offering and get the name presented in the <offering_name> tag.