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DE55057 New UX Timesheet total task ETC changes to Blue as Pending ETC when hours are removed


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Steps to Reproduce


0. Create a new task on the project with 0 ETC
1. In New UX open a new timesheet, click Add Work
2. Add this new task and add some time on each of the days, i.e. 6.00 per day
3. Save
4. Now go to the next period timesheet
5. Copy from previous timesheets with assigned tasks
6. Now you have two timesheets that are the same
7. Go back to the first timesheet, edit the ETC on the task from 0.00 to 1.00
8. Now edit the ETC back to 0.00
9. Now go to the second timesheet, note ETC is 0.00 and black
10. Edit one of the days and remove the hours

Expected Results: The ETC total on the timesheet to remain 0.00 and in black as on the other timesheets for which Pending ETC was not previously edited
Actuals Results: The total ETC switches to 6.00 in Blue. Any time we change the hours on the days for this task it would update the Pending ETC



Release : 15.7.1



This is DE55057, reviewed and determined to be NAB

Any time that Pending ETC field is updated manually, the value is corrected (in Blue) until it's accepted by the Project Manager.

Then if it was 0.00, adding tasks with ETC, it adds a negative value to the Pending ETC field which is not displayed in UI. This is the reason why removing a value will add to the Pending ETC field and display the value in Blue. This was determined to be by design by Engineering and Product Management