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Virtual Services Catalog not connecting after implementing SSL on Enterprise Dashboard


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CA Cloud Test Mobile CA Application Test


We are testing SSL implementation on Enterprise Dashboard.

After configuring SSL for the Enterprise Dashboard successfully, we cannot get the Enterprise Dashboard to connect to the VS Catalog.

Getting this error in the VS Catalog log file:
2020-05-11 15:43:52.167  INFO 3621 --- [ XNIO-2 task-12] okhttp3.OkHttpClient                     : <-- HTTP FAILED: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target


Release : All support versions of DevTest

Component : CA Application Test


Missing Enterprise Dashboard certificate in the VS Catalog cacerts keystore.



Importing the Enterprise Dashboard certificate into the VS Catalog cacerts keystore and restarting the VS Catalog resolved the issue.

The cacerts file is located in the VSCAT_HOME/jre/lib/security/ folder.

Example export command:
keytool -export -alias jetty -keystore webserver.ks -rfc -file DevTestpublic.cert -storepass changeit

Example import command:
keytool -import -noprompt -v -trustcacerts -alias jetty -file DevTestpublic.cert -keystore cacerts -storepass changeit