MATDDDE5 fails updating TUCCSVPS in target zone
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MATDDDE5 fails updating TUCCSVPS in target zone


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Mainframe Application Tuner


Added CAW0SDF to the SYSD.CAMAT.R12M0.CSI target zone with a temporary data set to get past apply check and apply errors as suggest in SO10403 hold data.  

Apply Check and Apply worked fine after that.

Removed the remove of the CAW0SDF DDDEF from the distribution zone in MATDDDE5 jcl.

Ran the MATDDDE5 job to update LMODS and remove CAW0SDF DDDEF.

Job fails updating / creating the  TUCCSVPS LMOD in the distribution zone where it does not currently exists.

Is this related to CAW0SDF not being in the distribution zone?  Since TUCCSVPS does not currently exist in the distribution zone, do I need to update it? 

Should I add CAW0SDF to the distribution zone and re-apply the maintenance? 



Release : 12.0



This knowledge doc is written to deal with a series of HOLD ACTION jobs, MATDDDE3/MATDDDE4/MATDDDE5.

They are to be handled in the way described below.


If you APPLY RO99698, do not run MATDDDE3 as specified by the HOLD ACTION.

It is preferred that you do not APPLY RO99698 at all, but instead APPLY RO99940.  There is an error in MATDDDE3 that is fixed by PTF RO99940.  Apply RO99940 and then run MATDDDE3.

After running MATDDDE3, APPLY SO00527 which supercedes the next PTF RO99706.  Applying SO00527 will also APPLY RO99706, RO99707, and SO00528.


After applying SO00390, it will specify in the HOLD ACTION to run MATDDDE4.  THIS IS NOT REQUIRED AT THIS TIME!!!  DO NOT RUN MATDDDE4!!!


After the APPLY of SO10403, the HOLD ACTION says to run MATDDDE5.

Before running MATDDDE5, make sure SO00527 and any pre-requisites have been applied, then run MATDDDE5.