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NetMaster: Auto Trouble Ticket Email Address field too short


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The maximum length of email address used in a NetMaster Trouble Ticket is 40 characters. Is there any way to increase that limit?


Release : 12.2

Component : CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


Forty (40) characters is the default length of the email address for email trouble tickets.

However, this length limit can be increased on the "Alert Monitor : Trouble Ticket Data Entry Definition" (/ALADMIN.D) screen:

****** ***************************** TOP OF DATA ******************************
000001 FIELD NAME=$USRNAME                                                     
000002  VALUE=""                                                               
000003  DESC="Email Address"                                                   
000004  COMMENT=""                                                             
000005  REQUIRED=YES                                                           
000006  LENGTH=40                                                              
****** **************************** BOTTOM OF DATA ****************************