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Same PX (Policy Xpress) policy may be triggerred multiple times due to duplicate jar files


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Identity Manager triggers multiple executions of same PX (Policy Xpress) policy.

I have a task that supposes to trigger a PX policy once. The PX policy contains DB calls or sending email action. However, I can observe multiple executions of the same PX policy and users are getting multiple same emails.


Release : 14.x

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


This issue may be caused by existing backup or duplicate jar files in below Identity Manager deployment's library directories

The common mistake is renaming the jar files' filename with intention to backup before applying patches (new jar files). So, for example, the following backup/duplicate jar files are left residing under above directories

Although the extension of the file is not exactly .jar, this may cause problem.


You should move out those duplicate/backup jar files from the above deployment's library directories. If you need to backup them, store the backup jar files out of Identity Manager deployment directory and restart Identity Manager.