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Portfolio distributed targets per month are spread evenly across periods and not based on number of days in a month


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  1. When entering distributed targets using the Distributed Target Totals field on the Targets tab of a Portfolio, why are the numbers showing as the same exact amount for each month, even for shorter months?
  2. Is there a way to get this to spread based on days per month versus the even number shown?


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This is by design if you are using FTE as your Portfolio Capacity Unit Type, the numbers will spread uniformly across all months.


  1. If you wanted to see a difference automatically based on available hours per month, use Capacity Unit Type of Hours for the Portfolio instead of FTE.
  2. This field displays on the Portfolio Properties tab.
  3. This field is set when you first create the portfolio and is a one time entry field
  4. Before deciding which Capacity Unit Type to select when creating your portfolio:
    • The one other difference between Hours versus FTE is that Hours will distribute the hours across the period, so if you enter 12000 hours in the distributed target totals, then you would automatically see the hours divided up based on the hours the role is available per month.
    • Example below in the Overall field when a Distributed Target (Total) of 12,000 is set (check out the values in the columns Jan 20, Feb 20, etc):

    • This is the difference you see if using FTE as your Capacity Unit Type and enter 12,000 (12,000 gets added uniformly across the period):

From the documentation at Define the Portfolio General Properties:
Capacity Unit Type:

Specifies the resource unit in which you want to represent the roles target. Select one of the following units:

  • FTE. An average number that is based on the resources that are involved and the time periods. For example, say the planning horizon spans two months. One FTE is planned in the first month and 3 FTE are planned in the second month. In this case, the average target resources for the planning horizon are 2 FTE.
  • Hours. A total number that applies to the portfolio planning horizon. For example, you have a two-month planning horizon and set a target of 1000 hours. In this case, you can use a total of 1000 hours for the whole

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