Files with names "*.cfs" are being created in the traces/index directory
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Files with names "*.cfs" are being created in the traces/index directory


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



What exactly triggers the creation of "*.cfs" files in the traces/index directory?


The *.cfs file is an index file generated by Lucene, an open source search engine.

When the Enterprise Manager receives a Transaction Trace(TT), it stores it in to an object oriented database and ask Lucene to create an index on the TT for search queries. NOTE :This object oriented database is not the SmartStor database.

When the user does a historical query or time range query from workstation, EM searches into Lucene index file, and presents the user with header information.

When the user selects a particular TT, EM gets its information from the traces database.

You can find more information about a .cfs file using this URL:

These are the events that can trigger writing of the traces/index files:

  • sampling transaction (first N interval sampling & random URL sampling). This can be disabled by setting the agent property: introscope.agent.transactiontracer.sampling.enabled=false
  • user initiated transaction events which can be created in the Introscope Workstation
  • error events generated by error detector
  • cross jvm transaction tracing


Component: APMINT