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DE55011 New UX - Create project performance is slow on merge in ODF_ITEM_POSITIONS


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Slowness in performance on Project Create from New UX only, Classic works well.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Connect to a large dataset with at least 35k of projects and 50 picklists on every project (and select count(*) from odf_item_positions should be about 1.7M)
  2. Go to Classic UI and create a project. Note the time is under 5-10 sec
  3. Now connect to New UX
  4. Go to either Board or Grid view and enter the fields to create a new project


Expected Results: The project to be created in a similar amount of time as in Classic

Actual Results: The project create action takes about 50 sec.

In SQL trace we noticed the slowness is caused by the MERGE in ODF_ITEM_POSITIONS. This might be caused by amount of records in this table.


Release : 15.7.1

Component : 


This is DE55011, fixed in Clarity 15.9