Unable to pull custom metric from ODATA
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Unable to pull custom metric from ODATA


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I created a custom cert, however we can't find it in ODATA even after syncing and waiting 24hrs. Note the metrics show in the GUI just can't pull via api.

New custom certification is available in the Performance Management UI but not in Data Aggregator OData queries.

Odata 503 error when running query 


All supported Performance Management releases


Data Aggregator didn't update the Data Repository with the new tables for the special tables that service the Odata queries. These are distinct from the polled data tables used for web UI reports, thus why they are present in the UI but not OData queries.


To resolve this we can follow two paths.

  1. Restart the OData Bundles on the Data Aggregator
  2. Stop the Data Aggregator dadaemon and activemq services, start the dadaemon service to restart both.

The simpler solution is restarting the OData Bundles on the Data Aggregator. To do this follow these steps.

  1. Go to the following URL in a browser, replacing DA_HOST with your Data Aggregator Host Name or IP address.

  2. When presented with a login use karaf for both user name and password. (In 20.2.5+ use DXN3t0ps as the password)

  3. Search for each of the following four packages and restart them.

    • 184 odata-services.authenticationcom.ca.im.odata-services.authentication
    • 185 odata-services.implodata-services.impl
    • 187 odata-services.odataquerycom.ca.im.odata-services.odataquery
    • 186 odata-services.querybuildercom.ca.im.odata-services.querybuilder 
    • Note in 20.2.x the last bundle "186 odata-services.querybuildercom.ca.im.odata-services.querybuilder" does not exist so cannot be restated. 
  4. To restart them can use either of these options:

    1. Use the Refresh icon button
    2. Select the Stop icon button, then the Start/Play icon button

After the restart of the bundles or the Data Aggregator, relaunching the Odata queries should return the previously missing metrics as options.