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Change component item names in Performance Management


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Item names for some Component Items aren't useful. How can we change the name of these items?

For example Firewall Disk Partitions are showing names such as "device-disk-1","device-disk-2", "device-disk-3". Expect them to be named using what they represent, like the root or '/' directory/partition, or the /boot partition. In this case they are represented by these MIB Objects.

  • . = STRING: "/"
  • . = STRING: "/boot"
  • . = STRING: "/var/log"


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


The Names metric is what controls Item names for a given Vendor Certification.

Use the Extension function for Certifications to over-ride the default Name metric expression with a custom one that changes the item names to a more meaningful value.

Certification Extension Documentation can be found here: