CA Roscoe Segmented Key Support
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CA Roscoe Segmented Key Support


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Previously an ACFEXIT was required to handle logons with segmented signon keys. Segmented signon keys are keys that are longer than eight characters and contain a period ('.'). For example, ROSCOE.CONTROL.



Component: ROSCOE


If you have RO62470: SIGNON - SEGMSON TO ADD SEGMENTED KEY SUPPORT applied, this functionality is available in Roscoe without the need to maintain an ACFEXIT. It is controlled by Roscoe startup parameter:


The default is NO and with this setting, Roscoe will function as before.

When you set SEGMSON=YES, the next 8 characters after the period will be used as the USERID for the RACINIT call.

For Example:
If SEGMSON=YES and the signon key is ROSCOE.CONTROL, CONTROL will be used as the USERID.

Important NOTE: If an ACFEXIT exists in the Roscoe load library, Roscoe will pass the address of the key in the UXACFACD field to the ACFEXIT. Remove the ACFEXIT from the load library if you no longer want it to be called.