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User unable to edit groups that were created with another account


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There was an upgrade on the customer ends recently and now the user is being logged into CAPC with a new ID.

User was deleted and re-added with new name and they are unable to edit the groups that were created before the upgrade as the role has the right "Administer groups owned by you" only.

User deleted and re-added 

No access to groups 

Unable to edit groups after user is deleted and recreated 

Update group ownership 

Change group owner 

Change group ownership 


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Data Aggregator


***** Make sure you have a good backup of the CAPC mysql database.

1. First we need to determine the current ownerid of the group. 

mysql>select ItemID,OwnerID,ItemName from t_group where ItemName='<GROUP_NAME>';

2.Then we need to find the id of the user. 

mysql> select UserID,name from user_definitions where name='<CURRENT_USER_NAME>';

3. Now we can update the owner of the group with the users current userid. 

mysql>update t_group set OwnerID=<USERID FROM STEP 2> where OwnerID=<OWNERID FROM STEP 1>