CA-IDMS FMIDs from r18.0 onwards
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CA-IDMS FMIDs from r18.0 onwards


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This document describes the nature of the FMIDs used for the install of CA-IDMS from r18.0 onwards.


Release: All supported releases.
Component: CA IDMS


Up until r18.0, almost all CA-IDMS product components had their own FMID.

As of r18.0, all components have been consolidated into one FMID with the exception of CICS Support and various Culprit interfaces.


CAGJI00 /*CA IDMS Base Option                                   */
CAGJI01 /*CA IDMS CICS Support                                  */
CAGJI02 /*CA Culprit interface for FCS                          */
CAGJI03 /*CA Culprit interface for IMS                          */
CAGJI04 /*CA Culprit interface for RDMS                         */
CAGJI05 /*CA Culprit interface for Total                        */


CAGJI50 /*CA IDMS Base Option                                   */
CAGJI51 /*CA IDMS CICS Support                                  */
CAGJI52 /*CA Culprit interface for FCS                          */
CAGJI53 /*CA Culprit interface for IMS                          */
CAGJI54 /*CA Culprit interface for RDMS                         */
CAGJI55 /*CA Culprit interface for Total                        */


CAGJJ00 /*CA IDMS Base Option                                   */
CAGJJ01 /*CA IDMS CICS Support                                  */
CAGJJ02 /*CA Culprit interface for FCS                          */
CAGJJ03 /*CA Culprit interface for IMS                          */
CAGJJ04 /*CA Culprit interface for RDMS                         */
CAGJJ05 /*CA Culprit interface for Total                        */

The reason for this is that the CICS and Culprit components above require referencing datasets that not every site has.
Therefore it must be possible for individual sites to optionally exclude these FMIDs.

If your site falls into this category, you can safely comment out the relevant FMIDs in the RECEIVE, APPLY and ACCEPT job of the install process.

This is described in the Note under point 1 of "Follow these steps:" at Run the Installation Jobs for a Pax Installation.