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Renamed agent in Client 0 didn't update the name in dependent objects


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Hi Team,

We want to rename a agent in Non prod clients but when we are renaming it in client 0 the new name is not getting updated automatically in dependent jobs.

The clients are showing new name as well as the old agent name in attributes field as shown below

Could you please suggest another way to rename the agent and flow the same new name in dependent objects?


Release : 12.2



First option:

1) Log into the User Interface on any client
2) Open the "System Overview" from the top left corner of the User Interface
3) Navigate to "Agents" from the side bar
4) Select the Agent you wish to find and replace with an alternate Agent
5) Right click on the Agent and select "Replace..."
6) You will now see a list of Objects which utilize the selected Agent. You can search through this list and place a check mark next to every Object where you would like the Agent replaced.
7) Now simply select the drop down for the "Replace by:" field at the top and select the new Agent you would like to assign to the Objects
8) Select "Replace..." at the bottom and you're finished!

Second Option:

If you don't get the option in step one, you have to use the following steps:

1. Right click on every job you want to change -> click transfer -> transport
2. After selecting every job that needs to be updated, you have to utilize the DB Unload Utility (ucybdbun.bat) and choose "unload transport container"
3. Will generate a file called uc_data.txt in utility\db directory.
4. Then you have to create the file -> uc_change.txt with the following contents:
5. You than have to execute the DB Change Utility:
ucybchng.exe -b -1uc_change.txt -2uc_data.txt -3uc_data2.txt
6. Than take the new file called uc_data2.txt (new changes)
7. Upload this file with the DB Load Utility (ucybdbld.bat) - which will overwrite and replace those current jobs.